A Journey Through More Than 50000 Acres Of Protected Land

Isla Pajaros

Una de las maravillas de Costa Rica, un santuario de las aves migratorias y residentes más comunes

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Esta isla es de vital importancia para la avifauna, en especial especies de aves vadeadoras del país. Ingresar

Reserva ecológica privada

Iniciamos el recorrido en contacto con la particular flora y fauna del manglar y el Bosque Tropical Seco

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Rancho Humo es un reserva privada de 1068 hectáreas ubicada en el centro del Área de Conservación. Ingresar


Un modelo de restauración de humedales que mantienen los niveles de agua en el punto ideal

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A pesar de la desaparición gradual de los ecosistemas de humedal en el país, en Rancho Humo se ha realizado un proceso que nos permite proponer un proceso de restauración. Ingresar

Rancho Humo, Protected and Nature Conservancy Reserve in Guanacaste Costa Rica

Rancho Humo, nestled in a private reserve in Guanacaste Costa Rica, spread over 50,000 acres is one of the ultimate Protected and Nature Conservancy Lands across Guanacaste area: A place where wildlife thrives and roams freely what is one of the few remaining true wilderness.

Thanks to the determination of a local family, Rancho Humo was transformed from a cattle farm into an international example of wetland rescue where you can experience numerous ecosystems: mangrove, wetlands, dry tropical rainforest, pastures, a large variety of flora and fauna including herons, black crowned night herons, hawks, ducks, roseate spoonbills, wood stork, and the largest and most exotic aquatic bird in Guanacaste: the Jabirú.

Aside from the captivating scenery, Rancho Humo is the hacienda that offers the culture of a traditional and picturesque town, Puerto Humo.
The project is envisioned to be a strong model for sustainable development both locally and internationally with a large emphasis in sustaining its natural surroundings.

Our daily tour will be immerse into the exuberant wildlife of Río Tempisque and Palo Verde National Park, Isla de Pájaros (Birds Island), Rancho Humo Reserve, Rancho Humo Lookout and the wetlands… all this natural life is awaiting to be admired from you.

Rancho Humo Nature Conservancy and Protected Lands Reserve creates a true environmentally sensitive, sustainable Five Star, Five Leaf resort development with a residential component – a holistic approach that will create an unforgettable on-site experience where wellbeing, relaxation and adventure are combined in a context of luxury, service excellence, harmony and appreciation for the environment.


Thank-you for the excellent tour yesterday. I think I saw more Jabirués in one hour than I have seen in 3 years here in Costa Rica!
Thomas O'Donnell
“We had a wonderful experience, which we hope many people will share in the future, and to which we hope to return”
Wendy and Roger Tsien. U.S.A
“Boat tour success of seeing many bird and animals our guide was very knowledgeable and a great host”
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